1) What tools do I need to develop my own programs on the Xmegalab?

Besides the power supply, you need an external programmer, such as the AVR ISP 2, or a debugger, such as the AVR JTAGICE mkII or the AVR ONE!.

Sofware Tools:

2) Can the waveform generator and the oscilloscope run simultaneously?
Yes, once the waveform generator is set, it runs on the background (The AWG uses the DMA, so it doesn't need any CPU intervention). Any of the other application can run simultaneously.

3) How do I power the Xmegalab?
To power the Xmegalab you will need a 6V, 200mA wall adapter such as: EPS060100-P5RP

4) Why is the XMEGA powered with 3.5V and not 3.3V?
The XMEGA can safely work up to 3.6V, 3.5V was chosen because the analog switch SN74LVC1G3157 is controlled by the XMEGA, the switch has a minimum VIH of 3.5V.

5) What is the maximum frequency that I can measure with the Xmegalab?
The analog bandwidth is set at 2MHz. However, you can still measure frequencies up to almost Nyquist/2,  i.e. 8MHz. The FFT analysis will be particularly useful to measure high frequencies.

6) The source code says "evaluation version", can I get the full version?
The full source code will be provided upon request only to customers who have bought the Xmegalab thru the Gabotronics website, or can be purchased separately. The evaluation source code does not contain the MSO application. The HEX file does contain the full version of the oscilloscope.

7) What is the current consumption of the Xmegalab?

8) What is the difference between the Xmegalab and the XMultiKit?
The Xmegalab is the next hardware version of the XMultiKit. Some enhancements have been made to the analog front end, such as offset control and better high frequency compensation. Some signals going to the micro where moved to improve the MSO triggering.

9) There is a new firmware for the Xmegalab, how do I update?
Follow these instructions..

10) How does the Xmegalab compare to other digital oscilloscopes?
You can check this comparison table.

11) There is a high pitch sound coming from the device, what is this?
It is the electroluminescence backlight that is being driven with a high voltage squarewave.


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