wrench Xminilab not working? Check out these tips

1) The unit seems to power up, but the LCD is blank
Adjust the contrast potentiometer. The contrast is adjusted during assembly and doesn't need to be changed.

2) The unit powers up but the MSO is not working
Try restoring the default settings: On the main screen press #, then KE, then select "Restore default settings"

3) A particular button or one encoder doesn't work
There might be shorted pins on the microcontroller. Check for debris or solder bridges. Using a solder wick on the pins will help.

4) When I try to program the device, the unit powers off, programming doesn't work
The power button needs to be pressed while programming the device

5) It still isn't working!
If you have a multimeter and want to try to fix yourself, check the following voltages. If any of the voltages are wrong, there might be a deffective part.

  • Voltage at +5V should be between +4.75 and +5V
  • Voltage at -5V should be between -4.75 and -5V
  • Voltage at +3.5V should be between +3.4 and +3.6V
  • Voltage at pin 7 of U8 should be between +1.96 and +2.04V


If all fails and if the device is under warranty, you can send it back for repairs.


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I want to say that I really like what I have seen so far, WRT the hardware design. (XMultiKit)
James Tucker


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