To send a BMP screen capture to a PC:

You can send a screen capture of the oscilloscope to your PC using hyperterminal. All oscilloscope bitmaps in this manual where generated using this method.

  • Open HyperTerminal.
  • Enter a name for a new connection (example: scope).
  • Enter the COM port where the device is connected.
  • Select 115200 bits per second, 8 data bits, Parity None, 1 Stop bit, Flow control None
  • In the Transfer menu, select Receive File.
  • Enter a folder where to save the file and use the XMODEM protocol.
  • Enter a file name with a BMP extension and press OK

To send a BMP screen capture to Linux:

Matt Pritty has shared a script for capturing the BMP file:


To use, make the script executable with ?chmod +x Then enter ?./ into a terminal followed by the serial device for example ?./ /dev/ttyUSB0?.

Then enter a name for the bmp image including the .bmp file extension.



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