This guide will show how to upgrade the firmware on your AVR XMEGA based device.

If your device has a USB Bootloader, follow these instructions.

Tools required:

  • AVRISP mkII, or similar PDI capable programmer
  • AVR Studio 4 IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • HEX and EEP files for the device, found on the product's page (Look for the HEX icon).

A regular AVR programmer might not work, the programmer needs to be PDI capable. PDI is the new interface to program XMEGA microcontrollers.

Instructions to install the tools:

  1. Install AVR Studio and USB driver
  2. Connect the programmer to the computer and auto install the hardware

A more detailed guide on how to install the tools is found here.

Instructions to update the firmware:

  1. Start AVR Studio
  2. Connect the cable from the AVRISP to the PDI connector on the board
  3. Power the board
  4. Press the "Display the 'Connect' dialog" button: connect. Alternatively, you can go to this menu: Tools-> Program AVR -> Connect -
  5. Select your programmer and port. (AVRISP mkII and AUTO or USB)
  6. In the MAIN tab, select the device, depending on your product:






  7. In the programming mode, select PDI
  8. To check that everything is ok, press the "Read Signature" button. You will see a message saying that the device matches the signature.
  9. Go to the PROGRAM tab
  10. In the Flash section, look for the .HEX file and click Program
  11. In the EEPROM section, look for the .EEP file and click Program
  12. Go to the FUSES tab
  13. Set BODPD to BOD enabled in sampled mode
  14. Set BODACT to BOD enabled in sampled mode
  15. Set BODLVL to 2.9V
  16. Click Program

After updating the firmware, make sure to recalibrate the device.


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