Xprotolab Portable Tripod Adapter

Tripod adapter for the Xprotolab Portable.
Xprotolab Portable Tripod Adapter
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Xprotolab Portable Tripod Adapter
Xprotolab Portable Tripod Adapter

This is a 3D printed adapter to hold your Xprotolab-Portable to a tripod. THE TRIPOD IS NOT INCLUDED... :-)

STL for HolderThe STL file is available for download, so you can print your own!

Tripod Adapter for Xprotolab Portable


Monday, 10 March 2014
Great and essential accessory for the Xprotolab Portable. This is the combination that works great if you are going to do a lot of measurements in place and need a tripod to steady the Xscope. If you need the larger display then the tripod adapter for the Xminilab Portable works well, but isn\'t quite as stable as this one if you have multiple probes hanging from the Xscopes meter.

The only recommendation: use a 1/4-20 tap to create the tripod thread instead of just trying to thread a tripod screw in the 1st time. The Xscope mount comes without the tripod mounting hole threaded.
Mark Smith


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