AVR XMEGA devices features:
  • 2nd generation of picoPower technology
  • Innovative Event System for fast, CPU independent inter-peripheral communication
  • 4-channel DMA Controller boosts MCU performance
  • 8 Event System Channels
  • 100% predictable timing
  • Fast 12-bit ADC and DAC
  • Fast Cryptography support for AES and DES
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Brown-out Detector
  • Watch-dog Timer
  • Internal RC oscillators

AVR XMEGA microcontrollers have the same acclaimed characteristics as the established AVR devices, and operates from just 1.6 volt with up to 32 MIPS at 32 MHz. Memory size range from 16 to 384 KB of Flash and they come in 44- to 100-pin packages. The XMEGA devices are general purpose microcontrollers well suited for a variety of applications including audio systems, ZigBee?, power tools, medical , board controllers, networking, metering, optical transceivers, motor control, white goods and any battery powered product.

Ultra Low Power ? Atmel's picoPower technology is recognized as market leader in low power. With 2nd generation picoPower, AVR XMEGA further extends battery life. The true 1.6 volt operation means that battery powered applications like mobile phones XMEGA devices can be connected to a 1.8V (+/- 10%) regulated power supply to save cost and battery life.

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