04/11/2009 Doing some progress on the XMultiKit, you can preview the schematics at the Download section.

03/23/2009 HEX file v1.1 for the MultiKitB is available at the Download section.

The online store is open!, I still need to do lots of work on it, but people can start using it now.

02/21/2009 The MultiKitB is working!, now I have to take pictures, videos, write documentation and add this to my store...

02/16/2009 The COMA has passed to the phase 4 in the Microchip PIC32 contest!!!

01/31/2009 I have the forums up and running!

Working on the MultiKitB and XMultiKit, I estimate to have them ready in about a month or two.

10/25/2008 Only two of my first run of MultiKits left!, I will sell one on eBay and keep one as a reference. Now I am working on the second version of the MultiKit, it will be ready in a couple of weeks.

10/18/2008 The PIC LED Display is now on sale!, Check it out...

10/11/2008 I have been working a lot on the PIC32 contest, check out the COMA webpage...

10/02/2008 A little bit of cleanup in the site. I will hold the production of MultiKits until 10/13/2008, so I can work on the Microchip Contest...

09/12/2008 AVR MultiKit is now a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope!, Three pins from the ISP pins are now used as digital inputs. Added the HEX File and EEPROM to the download section.

08/25/2008 Added a page with information about COMA, my project submitted to Microchip's PIC32 contest. Added the Download section

08/23/2008 Added the Mandelbrot Fractal to the project, check it out on the MultiKit Gallery.

08/21/2008 Complete site restructure. The MultiKit can now be purchased directly on the MultiKit page.

08/17/2008 After months of work, my MultiKit is complete. I am selling my first prototypes on eBay, look for "AVR MultiKit". Soon I will be able to sell directly on my webpage.



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Hallo from Germany, thats a very cool item! (MultiKitB)
Michael Uhlmann


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